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Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ghana, organizers of Ghana Entrepreneurs Awards, is a private non-partisan and non profit organization to harness the power of entrepreneurship and innovation to grow the Ghanaian economy and improve living standards.

The Foundation is conceived from the growing need for Ghanaian and foreign entrepreneurs to network, create business environment and take sustainable actions to propel Ghanaian businesses to greater heights.

To decrease the unemployment rate by conversion of unemployment to self-employment and creation of jobs through new development of entrepreneurship and SMEs in Ghana.

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Made In Ghana Awards 2020

Ghana Entrepreneurs And Corporate Executive Awards 2020

Our Brands

Ghana Entrepreneurs & Corporate Executive Awards

is organized by Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ghana; the exclusive awards are aimed at recognizing the significance of Ghanaian entrepreneurs in Small,

Ghana Business Quality Awards

recognises business icons representing the 10 regions, companies, products, and services that have met the standards of quality, deserving of praise and commendation from

Made In Ghana Awards (MIGA)

The award will honor 40 most celebrated Ghanaian personalities and outstanding made in Ghana products and services for the production of quality products and the delivery of efficient services.

International SME Business Neetwork

is a platform for Ghanaian top entrepreneurs to interact, network and do business with foreign investors and the Diplomatic Corps in Ghana.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors

Mr. Sam Ato Gaisie

(Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ghana)


Nana. Dr. Micheal  Agyekum  Addo

Chief Executive Officer
(Mikado Holdings Ltd.)


Ms. Adelaide Ahwireng

Chief Executive Officer
(Fio Enterprises Ltd.)


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